Avidyne Announces New EX600 Multi-Function Display

AOPA SUMMIT 2009, TAMPA, FL. - November 4, 2009 – Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight decks, displays, and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, today announced their new EX600 Multi-Function Display (MFD), continuing their innovative leadership in the radar-replacement MFD market for general aviation airplanes and helicopters.

A follow-on to Avidyne’s highly successful EX500 MFD, the EX600 adds an all-new 5.8-inch diagonal, 640x480 pixel (VGA) display and an innovative new Map Panning feature that allows the pilot to easily pan and zoom to any location on the moving map using dedicated directional panning keys. The EX600’s exclusive QuickPan™ feature allows the pilot to quickly toggle between the present position and a panned-to position – such as Destination airport – with a single button push.

“Avidyne has led the MFD category since we launched the first stand-alone Flight Situation Display back in 1996, and we have continued to drive innovation and product improvements that enhance safety and ease of use with our FlightMax and EX500 series MFDs,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer. “Now the EX600 raises the bar again with its larger display, and with the addition of Map Panning, a highly requested feature that makes it the most user-friendly MFD available.”

“There are still many aircraft out there that have yet to add a full-function datalink- and radar-capable MFD, and there are many aircraft and helicopter owners who are now looking to upgrade their early-generation MFDs to a more capable system,” said Avidyne President and CEO, Dan Schwinn. “We continue to refine our display technology and incorporate the features and functions that pilots care about most, and with the EX600 we have made the very best radar-replacement MFD even better.”

About the EX600

The EX600 is a full-function MFD that is designed to enhance situational awareness and safety for pilots of general aviation airplanes and helicopters. Incorporating Avidyne’s renowned easy-to-use pilot interface — including innovative new Map Panning keys and a Quick-Pan function — the EX600 dramatically improves a pilot’s ability to access and display critical flight data.

The EX600’s “map-centric” operation — especially helpful for helicopter operators — allows the pilot to view all the available safety information right on the map page, without having to switch to dedicated or hidden pages as with many other MFDs.

All EX600s include CMax™ approach charts & worldwide airport diagrams — and support for European VFR Charts — which provide an added measure of situational awareness during critical phases of flight and while taxiing, both domestically and internationally. In addition, the EX600 offers the widest range of sensor interfaces available in a retrofit MFD, including TAS600-Series Traffic Advisory capability and TWX670 Color Tactical Lightning Detection. With Avidyne’s unique MultiLink™ capability, the EX600 can display both broadcast datalink in the Continental U.S. (CONUS) through the MLB700 and international datalink through the MLX770 datalink transceiver. Optional TCAS I and TAWS interfaces are also available.

With interfaces to nineteen different radar models, the EX600 is the leader in radarreplacement MFDs, meaning it can act as a display replacement for many out-dated and un-repairable CRT radar displays, while adding significant situational awareness and utility enhancements.

Pricing and Availability

EX600 pricing starts at $9,990 for the standard MFD, including CMax™ Electronic Approach Charts, Worldwide Airport Diagrams, and standard interfaces for traffic and color lightning.

The EX600 MFD with Bendix RDR130/150/160/RDS81/82/82VP/84/84VP/86/86VP interface or Bendix/King RDR2000/2100 interface is $13,990. The EX600 MFD with Collins WXR250/270/300 or Bendix RDR1100/1200/1300 interface is $16,990.

Avidyne announced a trade-in program that provides a $2,500 trade-in allowance for old radar indicators and MFDs toward a new EX600. In addition, existing radar-capable EX500 owners can get upgraded to an EX600 starting at only $5,495. Contact Avidyne for details.

Avidyne is pursuing an Approved Model List-Supplemental Type Certificate (AMLSTC) for the EX600 which will cover over 600 Part 23 Class I, II, and II aircraft models.

Avidyne is accepting orders now, with certification and initial shipments expected before the end of 2009.