Reportlinker Adds The Military Aircraft Avionics Market 2009-2019

This analytical report defines the current state of the military aircraft avionics market and discusses its potential for growth from 2009 onwards, with market forecasting at the global and national levels.

4.2.57 Rockwell Collins E-6B Mercury Block I Modernisation Program

4.2.58 Rockwell Collins Avionics Service and Support for US Coast Guard Platforms

4.2.59 Rockwell Collins Common Avionics Architecture System (CAAS)

4.2.60 Rockwell Collins CH-47F Avionics

4.2.61 Rockwell Collins KC-135 Avionics Upgrades

4.2.62 Rockwell Collins A/MH-6, MH-47 and MH-60 Avionics Upgrades

4.2.63 Rockwell Collins E-8C JSTARS Upgrades

4.2.64 Rockwell Collins Avionics for UAVs

4.2.65 Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) Future Flexible Acquisition and Sustainment Tool (F2AST) program

4.2.66 Sensors Unlimited Inc Micro-Gimbal Imaging Systems

4.2.67 Sikorksy UH-60 Helicopters

4.2.68 Spectral Solutions Hyperspectral Turrets

4.2.69 Syracuse Research Corporation Foliage Penetration Reconnaissance, Surveillance, Tracking and Engagement Radar (FORESTER)

4.2.70 Viasat Inc Multifunctional Information Distribution System-Low Volume Terminals (MIDS-LVTs)

4.3 UK Military Aircraft Avionics Market

4.4 Significant UK Military Aircraft Avionics Contracts

4.4.1 Airbus A400M Transporter Programme

4.4.2 Avionics Alliance Sea King Integrated Operational Support (SKIOS)

4.4.3 BAE Systems Avionics Support Package for Harrier GR9

4.4.4 BAE Systems Typhoon Availability Service (TAS) Avionics Support

4.4.5 BAE Systems Q-Sight Helmet-Mounted Displays for Lynx Mk8 Helicopters

4.4.6 Boeing Avionics Upgrades for Chinook

4.4.7 CAE Lynx Mk8 Second Generation Anti-Jam Tactical UHF Radio

4.4.8 CMC Electronics Inc FMS for Tristar Transport and In-Flight Refueling Aircraft

4.4.9 Eurocopter Upgrades of Puma Helicopters

4.4.10 Finmeccanica Eurofighter Avionics for Eurofighter Typhoon

4.4.11 L-3 IS Project HELIX Nimrod MRA4 Upgrade

4.4.12 Northrop Grumman Support for Boeing E-3 Sentry AWACS

4.4.13 Rafael Litening Pods for Eurofighter Typhoon Aircraft

4.4.14 Thales Avionics for AirTanker Fleet of Airbus A330-200

4.4.15 Thales Avionics for Future Lynx Helicopter

4.4.16 Thales / Elbit Systems Watchkeeper Tactical UAV

4.5 Indian Military Aircraft Avionics Market

4.6 Significant Indian Military Aircraft Avionics Contracts

4.6.1 Antonov Aeronautical Scientific AN-32 Transport Aircraft Avionics Upgrade

4.6.2 Boeing P-8A Poseidon

4.6.3 Embraer EMB 145 AEW&C

4.6.4 GE Aviation P-8I Avionics Upgrade

4.6.5 Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) MiG-29 Upgrade

4.6.6 Honeywell Traffic Collision Alerting System for C-130J

4.6.7 Samtel HAL Display Systems Multi Functional Displays (MFDs)

4.6.8 Thales Avionics Upgrades for Dassault Mirage 2000

4.7 French Military Aircraft Avionics Market

4.8 Significant French Military Aircraft Avionics Contracts

4.8.1 Barco MDU-268 Mission Display Unit for AS 565 Panther Helicopter

4.8.2 EADS Socata Avionics Upgrade of Embraer Emb-110 Xingu

4.8.3 Thales Avionics Upgrade for Dassault Alpha Jet E Trainer

4.8.4 Thales Avionics Upgrades for 14 C-130H Hercules Military Transport Aircraft

4.8.5 Thales Avionics Support for French Military Aircraft

4.8.6 Thales Avionics Support for Dassault Rafale Fighter

4.9 Japanese Military Aircraft Avionics Market

4.10 Significant Japanese Military Aircraft Avionics Contracts

4.10.1 AgustaWestland / Mitsui Bussan Aerospace AW139 Helicopters

4.10.2 Boeing E-767 AWACS Japanese Radar System Improvement Program (J-RSIP)

4.10.3 Lockheed Martin F-2 Avionics Support

4.10.4 Mitsubishi F-15J Eagles Phoenix Eye Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

4.10.5 Northrop Grumman E-2C Avionics Upgrade Kits

4.11 Singaporean Military Aircraft Avionics Market

4.12 Significant Singaporean Military Aircraft Avionics Contracts

4.12.1 Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) Phalcon Radar System

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