AMT Day Resolution

I would like to ask a favor of you. I know that you are a strong supporter of our craft and support the efforts of the AMTA. I have contacted Senator Barbara Boxer's office and spoke with her Legislative Assistant, Bridget Petruczok, who handles aviation matters. I explained to her the importance of having a Senate AMT Day Resolution to mirror the Congressional one passed last year. I am enthusiastic about Senator Boxer introducing this resolution but it was indicated that in order for her to do so that letters of support need to be received by people from within California. I know you do not live in CA but a letter from you as a licensed A&P will help our efforts.

I know it is time consuming to sit and write a letter and then mail it since we have mostly become use to jotting down a simple e-mail for a lot of our day to day correspondence. But if you could take the time to write to Senator Boxer voicing your support and interest in having a Senate AMT Day Resolution introduced and passed I would be very grateful. A long letter is not needed but rather a request from you asking that the AMTA's efforts to recognize Charles E. Taylor and today's skilled AMT work force be given her attention.

If you can write a letter please let me know so I can keep track as best I can so when I contact Bridget in a month I will know how much support this resolution receives. People writing to Senator Boxer do not need to be licensed AMTs. What her office is looking for is internal support from Californians. Once she introduces this important resolution to the Aviation Operations, Safety & Security Subcommittee we can then ask for people from across the nation within our profession to write in. If you could forward this request for writing to Senator Boxer to as many people you know who live within California will help ensure that Senator Boxer moves forward with the process of having a Senate AMT Day Resolution.

Feel free to copy the attached letter which I have sent to the Senator along with your letter. You may mail your letter to:

Honorable Senator Barbara Boxer

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

You may also fax your letter to her Washington Office at (202) 224-0454 and send it Attention: Bridget Petruczok. If you wish to call her office after writing her office number is (202) 224-3553. I thank you for any assistance that you can lend in having this important resolution become a reality. Thank you very much.

Ken MacTiernan


The Honorable Barbara Boxer

112 Hart Senate Office Building

Washington, D.C. 20510

Senator Boxer,

I am writing to you today to ask if you would introduce a resolution that would recognize the United States’ first aircraft mechanic and all the skilled men and women that have entered into the craft he created. This important resolution will recognize all of the skilled Aircraft Maintenance Technicians for their heavy responsibilities of providing safe, airworthy aircraft throughout the aircraft maintenance community in honor of Charles E. Taylor.

Charles E. Taylor was the Wright brother’s mechanic who provided the first engines for the Wright Flyer. It was Mr. Taylor, who with his knowledge, skill & integrity helped enable the United States to be “First in Flight”. The characteristics that Charlie possessed are also possessed by the men and women who provide safe, airworthy aircraft within the many sectors of aviation maintenance whether it be military, commercial, civil, private, general, experimental or space. These men and women do not seek the lime light, nor do they seek accolades. These craftsmen simply ensure that each aircraft within their care is maintained with the highest standards of professionalism.

After more than 100 years of aviation having passed by the “Faces Behind Safety” have almost been forgotten; as has Charles E. Taylor. By introducing a Senate Aviation Maintenance Technician Day Resolution you will be returning overdue recognition to both Charles E. Taylor and the many men and women who followed in his footsteps.