MT Propeller STC Approved for Cessna 421C

Bloomer, WI (November 30, 2009) Flight-Resource, LLC, the world’s largest distributor of MT Composite, makers of high performance propellers, is pleased to announce the STC approval for the Cessna 421C.

The 4-blade MT composite propellers have been designed, tested and approved for installation on Cessna 421C models with the TCM GTSIO-520-L and –N engines.

The first domestic installation was completed in October and according to Flight-Resource’s John Nielsen. The aircraft’s owner and chief pilot, both, report exceptional smoothness and dramatic reduction of interior noise levels. “Climb performance reportedly has improved on this plane by over 200 FPM, and cruise speed is 5 to 7 kts faster,” said Neilson.”

This 89 inch light weight propeller uses the latest scimitar blade design to provide improved efficiency and power absorption. The leading edge is protected with a tough stainless steel sheath. Full feathering, and fluid or electric de-ice are provided.

ABOUT Flight-Resource, LLC

Flight Resource is the world’s largest volume distributor of high performance composite aircraft propellers manufactured in Germany by MT Propeller and has many STC’s available to install MT propellers on Cessna’s, Twin Cessnas, Bonanza’s, Barons, Husky’s, Mooneys, Pipers, Diamonds, Lakes and more. For more information regarding Flight Resource and its products, please go to