US Aviation Joins Forces With Aircraft Precision Maintenance

Denton, TX – US Aviation has expanded its presence at Denton Airport by absorbing Aircraft Precision Maintenance. APM founder Wesley Pearce and his two associates have moved all of the APM assets into a new 14,400 square foot facility adjacent to the US Aviation complex. With the expansion of US Aviation’s maintenance operations, the company will now have mechanics on “24-hour call” and will continue open shop hours 18 hours a day, seven days a week.

The combined expertise resulting from the move, assures factory trained mechanics are available for Cessna, Cirrus, Mooney, Diamond, Beechcraft, Pratt-Whitney, Rotax, Remos, Tecnam, Lear-Jet and Citation. US Aviation is also a Lycoming authorized repair facility.

“The decision to combine APM with US Aviation’s maintenance activity is consistent with our goals for developing a large, all-encompassing team of mechanics that can respond to virtually any issues relating to general aviation aircraft,” said Jeff Soules, Senior Vice President and GM of US Aviation. “We expect to reduce AOG time, provide broader expertise and appeal to a wider range of aircraft owners. We have also enlarged our parts department, increased our operating hours and expanded our avionics shop.”

For further information, or to schedule maintenance with US Aviation, call 866.383.2400 or visit