Virginia Aviation Approved by FAA to Conduct LSA Weight-shift Control Repairman Course

Lynchburg, VA, Dec. 8, 2009 — Virginia Aviation, provider of E-LSA inspection courses is now approved by the FAA to conduct LSA repairman’s course (LSRM) on weight shift control aircraft.

This course provides both classroom and hands-on training necessary to obtain a LSA repairman’s rating. This rating allows the holder to perform the annual condition inspection, the 100-hour inspections (if the aircraft is used for hire) and the maintenance on S-LSA and E-LSA aircraft. In addition, we will be offering the fixed wing LSA class in the near future.

The rules for Light Sport were issued in 2004 and included certification of aircraft, pilots, and repairman. This part of aviation has had significant growth and is projected to continue. Many aviation enthusiasts are finding LSA aircraft to be a cheaper why to get into the air, both for long time pilots and those just getting into flying.

As Light Sport continues to grow, the need for technicians will also. Get started on a new career today! This training can also provide a stepping-stone to your A&P certificate. An A&P certificate qualifies you to work on everything from small, single engine certified aircraft on up to and including airliners!