Epoxies, Etc… Builds New R&D Laboratory

Epoxies, Etc… is pleased to announce the completion of a new R & D and Quality Control Laboratory. Michael Harrington, President and CEO of Epoxies, Etc… stated, “The additional laboratory and testing equipment expands our research capabilities and provides needed space for the quality control department.”

The new equipment in the laboratory increases the company’s testing capabilities as it continues to develop new epoxy, urethane and silicone systems. This expansion allows Epoxies, Etc… to diversify and expand its product offerings to meet customer needs and the needs of an ever-changing manufacturing environment. Epoxies, Etc… manufactures adhesives, potting and encapsulating compounds and coatings for a variety of electronic and aerospace applications.

An important addition to the laboratory is a new Instron Testing Machine with an environmental chamber. This equipment can perform the following tests at temperatures ranging from -70 to +350 C:

• Lap shear; ASTM D1002

• Flexural Properties; ASTM D790 (Flex Modulus)

• Tear Strength; ASTM D624

• Tensile; ASTM D412

• Compressive Strength; ASTM D695

• Peel Strength; ASTM D903

“The Instron and Chamber allows us to conduct tests in-house that many of our electronic and aerospace customers are requiring” states Michael Harrington. “Epoxies, Etc… continues to grow and make investments in the company for the benefit our customers.”