Cessna Pilot Centers Gain FAA 141 Approval for New Training Course

WICHITA, Kan., Dec. 14, 2009 – Cessna Aircraft Company, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) company, today recognized four Cessna Pilot Centers as the first training schools to gain approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 141 to use Cessna's new Sport/Private Pilot Course in their private pilot certificate training programs.

The Cessna Pilot Centers gaining Part 141 approval are: Air Fleet Training Systems Inc., Fairfield, N.J.; Snohomish Flying Service, Snohomish, Wash.; Trade Winds Aviation (dba for Skyworks Inc.), San Jose, Calif.; and Pensacola Aviation Center, Pensacola, Fla. Many other Cessna Pilot Centers are also in the approval process to add the course to their training programs.

Cessna developed the new Sport/Private Pilot Course in association with King Schools of San Diego and released it to Cessna Pilot Centers in September after qualifying it for FAR Part 141 approval. The course is now the foundation of Cessna's Flight Training System offered by the global CPC network.

The major advantages of the Cessna Flight Training System are that it's Web-based for maximum customer flexibility, and it incorporates customizable scenarios for maximum instructor flexibility.

The Web-based system keeps track of every aspect of customer training and they can access training materials from any location where they have access to the Internet. And since the program is Web-based, changes and updates can be made instantly, with no replacement materials to distribute.

The Cessna Flight Training System also allows an instructor to customize the program to meet the requirements of the local training environment while not compromising the integrity of the training system.

Cessna Pilot Centers are flight training affiliates that use Cessna's proprietary training curriculum and Cessna aircraft. There are more than 280 in the United States and around the world, offering customers an array of services including flight training. More information can be found at www.cessnaflighttraining.com.