Flight Design USA Announces More Demonstration Centers

South Woodstock, CONNECTICUT / December 15, 2009 - Flight Design USA announced that its newest distributor, Flight Design West has located two new aircraft, one in Santa Monica, California and a second in Portland, Oregon as part of the growth of the aircraft sales and service outlets for the CTLS line of aircraft. The new facilities represent the company's second and third locations on the West Coast. The first center was located at Lone Mountain Aircraft in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

Flight Design West's Las Vegas service center has additionally established repair centers in Santa Monica and Portland to support existing CT aircraft, more than 300 strong in America representing the largest Light-Sport Aircraft fleet in the country by more than double the next closest brand. Each of the flight demonstration and sales outlets can also arrange local flight training which will allow customers a one-stop location for Light-Sport Aircraft needs on the west coast.

"The choice for these locations was made so we have about a two-hour fight between any of our locations and we could effectively cover customers' requests quickly and very economically," said Mark Rogers, president of Lone Mountain Aircraft and managing partner of Flight Design West. "We are offering a special incentive to customers for the first deliveries in each of these markets to allow customers to take advantage of the Bonus Depreciation if they act before year end."

Travelers and locals are invited to any of the 31 other outlets in the USA that currently sell and service the CT series. "With a range of over 850 NM in a very well-equipped aircraft, it is great to have three new places to select," said Tom Peghiny, president of Flight Design USA. The company's strategy to have aircraft in most of the major metro areas shows the utility of this high-end LSA aircraft as a safe, reliable vehicle that has consistently over-delivered while still allowing experiencing the sheer fun of a simple airplane.

"This airplane's capability, simplicity, and sophistication allow it to easily integrate into the dense and varied traffic flow of major multi-use airports. On a recent visit we took a beautiful 11-gallon, two-hour flight to Las Vegas, Nevada, right from Hollywood, California," exclaimed National Sales Manager John Gilmore. "Each U.S. airplane comes with dual Dynon digital instrument displays; Garmin's latest GPS; BRS airframe parachute; three-axis autopilot, and mode S transponder integrated into a simple-to-land, simple-to-fly platform.

"The new service centers assure support for the plane will be available for all western U.S. customers," said Gilmore. "The ability to have simple airplane and to travel and coexist in a complex environment is the benefit of the real-world configured US aircraft."

The Flight Design CTLS is a modern, all-carbon-fiber Light-Sport Aircraft with a wide, comfortable cabin with unparalleled visibility; an 850-NM range at 115 knots using only 5 gph. A full glass panel, Garmin radio stack, and a BRS airframe parachute are all standard equipment. Flight Design LSA are backed with a nationwide service network, next-day parts availability and an established company serving more than 1,500 airplanes worldwide. Surveyed owners express high customer satisfaction.