Continental Motors Maintains Engine Prices in 2010

January 4, 2010 – (Mobile, AL) – Teledyne Continental Motors, Inc. (TCM), a Teledyne Technologies Incorporated (NYSE:TDY) company announced today that 2010 prices for Factory New and Factory Rebuilt engines will not increase.

TCM has been successful in improving many aspects of its factory operations. In cooperation with our valued employees and vendors, we have been able to lower cost and improve delivery. The company believes that these improvements can best be used to reinvest in technology advancements and in pricing certainty for our customers.

“In 2009, TCM worked very hard to improve manufacturing efficiencies. We are committed to delivering this value to our customers” said Rhett Ross, President of Teledyne Continental Motors. “TCM is pleased to keep engine pricing near levels that were last seen in 2007.”

This is the third aggressive pricing action that TCM has taken beginning with the Genuine Continental Retail Program (GCRP) implemented in January 2009. GCRP’s straightforward pricing structure simplifies price comparisons between factory engines and field overhauls. TCM continues to add competitive pricing to the benefits of innovation, quality, history, and support gained by the aircraft owner from buying a factory-rebuilt or new engine.

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