Leading LSA Seller to Display CTLS at Country’s Largest Shopping Mall

South Woodstock, CONNECTICUT / January 7, 2010 — Normally, airplanes fly over the largest enclosed mall in the world as they approach runways for Minneapolis/St. Paul airport. But on January 10, 2010 Flight Design USA and the Metro Lakes District of the Boy Scouts of America will bring one in much lower by staging a Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) into the mall as a tool to raise awareness and support for “Project Extreme Day” at the Mall of America.

The event will be used by the Metro Lakes District to attract and recruit new members by showing some possible scouting activities that can be accessed by young men and women at risk who normally would never be seen at an airport. These youth spend much more time in other leisure activities like shopping and hanging out at the Mall. The LSA at the Mall of America is a way to expand the promise of Light-Sport Aircraft, bring it out from behind the airport gates and make it more accessible to at risk individuals in a fun information-filled day dedicated to many possible scouting events.

“The size, portability, and flexibility of Light-Sport Aircraft allow this plane to be moved into the Mall quickly and with a weight less that a Harley Davidson Motorcycle it can be put in a one of the high visibility areas in the Mall without a worry regarding the logistics. The ‘Wow!’ factor will be incredible and by doing this, we hope to attract new people who may have some interest in different Scouting opportunities,” said Mike Evano, Minneapolis District Executive. “Airplanes have a high profile and bringing one inside the Shopping Mall can spark discussions and offer a path to flying that should appeal to youth. The stylish modern looking plane has an extremely quiet engine and it can propel the plane at 138 mph using only 100 horsepower. Its International design will appeal to those who like the idea of a ‘green’ airplane and who would not even know how to get to an airport other than Minneapolis International (MSP). Our Flight School has two locations, both less than 10 miles down the freeway from here,” said Scott Caverly, LSA North a regional distributor for Flight Design.

The Flight Design CTLS is a modern, all-carbon-fiber Light-Sport Aircraft with a wide, comfortable cabin with unparalleled visibility; an 850 nautical mile range using only 5 gallons per hour. A full glass panel, Garmin radio stack, and a BRS airframe parachute are all standard equipment. Flight Design LSA are backed with a nationwide service network, next-day parts availability and an established company serving more than 1,500 airplanes worldwide. Surveyed owners express high customer satisfaction.