Donaldson Announces Campaign for Cleaner Cabin Air

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — JANUARY 13, 2010 — Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI), a leading, worldwide manufacturer of filtration systems and parts, today announced a comprehensive Campaign for Cleaner Cabin Air in commercial airliners. The campaign will officially debut in the first quarter of 2010.

“Concerns about cabin air quality and related issues are growing,” said Sheila Peyraud, General Manager, Aerospace & Defense at Donaldson Company. ” There is filtration technology available today that can remove a wide range of chemical and particulate contaminants. Leading industry groups and government agencies are also working on research and new legislation focused on this important issue. The Campaign for Cleaner Cabin Air will drive change and take the cabin air discussion to a new level with a host of aerospace-focused organizations. Change is in the air.”

Designed to drive cleaner cabin air and more comfortable cabin environments, the Campaign for Cleaner Cabin Air will include:

A seminar series for airlines, OEMs, tier one suppliers and trade organizations. The seminars will provide an understanding of how cabin air becomes contaminated; how cabin air filtration technology works to remove contaminants; and a historical perspective on cabin air contaminants, quality standards and Environmental Control Systems technologies used in commercial aircraft over the last 30 years.

Review and discussion of a recent study finding by the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and the APS filter as a superior solution.

A website to promote in-depth discussion of problems and solutions. The site will include an archive of tests, studies and reports and be an advocacy for driving higher cabin air quality standards.

A recent Cabin Air Quality study conducted by DTU evaluated Donaldson’s Air Purification System™ (APS) technology alongside UV-photo-catalytic systems. The APS technology performed better than the competition and was also preferred by passengers based on survey results. The APS technology was chosen as the best technology from that study due to performance and the inability of producing unwanted by-products.

Today, Donaldson offers an APS system that can remove a wide range of contaminants without creating unwanted byproducts. Donaldson’s APS, selected by Boeing for installation on the new 787 Dreamliner, is a carbon-based technology that adsorbs contaminants such as cleaning products, bio-effluents and engine byproducts.

Commenting on the study’s results and Donaldson’s APS technology Peyraud said, “Ozone is an FAA-regulated contaminant and known irritant. A key differentiator of Donaldson’s APS technology is that it doesn’t generate ozone or unwanted byproducts, which is important in the closed environment of an aircraft cabin.”

For more information about the Campaign for Cleaner Air or Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, visit or contact the company at 952-887-3435.