Shell to Launch New Lubricant at US Sport Expo in Sebring, FL

AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 2 is the first oil specifically developed for light, very light and ultralight 2-stroke engines.

Now, pilots in light to ultralight planes have fuels and lubricants provided by Shell Aviation that are designed specifically for their class of aircraft. Additionally, Shell Aviation is the only company whose aviation lubricant products have the endorsement of ROTAX. This manufacturer recognizes the benefits of AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 2 and AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 4, which are dedicated products that are highly resistant to the immense shear forces that occur in areas of high-pressure contact such as bearings, pistons, rings and liners. This is where the blend of base oil and additives is most crucial, and another reason to use products that are specifically designed for 2 stroke engines.

While AeroShell Sport PLUS 2 will be available for purchase at Tent A-18 at the US Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, interested customers also can purchase it from AeroShell distributors or online at after the Expo.

AeroShell Oil Sport PLUS 2 - At A Glance

• First specific oil for Light Sport and Very Light/Ultra Light 2 - stroke aircraft engines

• High film and shear strength formulation specifically designed for strenuous operating conditions experienced by these types of aviation engines

• Promotes engine cleanliness - protects engine parts such as pistons, rings and exhaust ports from excessive (or harmful) deposits - coking

• Outstanding performance in regard to ring ‘sticking’

• Excellent ‘clean burn’ performance

• Helps to protect engine parts from corrosion during engine shutdown and storage

• Helps engine achieve TBO (Time Before Overhaul)

• Suitable for use in oil injection and pre-mixed oil/fuel systems

• Protects highly stressed engine parts against scuffing and wear

• Can be used in most climates

• Superior performance compared to synthetic 2-stroke products when used in the aviation application

• Advanced anti-rust and anti-wear package

• Dyed green for better recognition

Shell Aviation has been providing high quality fuelling and aviation services to the international market for many years, refueling approximately 20,000 aircraft at more than 800 airports outside the United States. In the U.S., the Shell Aviation business is part of Shell Oil Products US, a subsidiary of Shell Oil Company. Shell Oil Company is an affiliate of the Royal Dutch/Shell Group of Companies (NYSE: RD/SC).

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