Twin Commander Prepared for AD Inspection

The FAA has issued AD 2009-25-02, effective Jan. 8, 2010, that requires owners of 690, 690A, and 690B Twin Commanders to have their aircraft inspected for corrosion between the upper wing skin panels and engine mount beam support straps.

“We are committed to ensuring that Twin Commander owners can be proud of the performance of their aircraft,” Isley said, “and confident in continuing safe operation of them for decades to come.“

Twin Commander Aircraft LLC owns all type certificates and rights to piston- and turboprop-powered multiengine Commanders, and supports a worldwide fleet of about 1800 aircraft with parts manufacturing and distribution; factory engineering, technical, and customer service resources; FlightSafety International pilot and maintenance training; and a network of 14 U.S. and 6 international factory-authorized independent service, sales, and installation centers. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Firstmark Corporation. For more information contact Matt Isley at 919-956-4300 or go to

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