Lambda Technologies Group Awarded $8.3M

Cincinnati, Ohio -- Surface Enhancement Technologies LLC and Lambda Research, Inc, part of the Lambda Technologies group, were awarded $8.3 million dollars by a Hamilton County jury. The 6-year-old case against German company Ecoroll AG and its American division, Ecoroll Corp. Tool Technology, was decided after a 16-day trial. The jury found that Lambda's trade secrets had been misappropriated, causing Lambda to lose profits.

The jury found in favor of Lambda on several claims, including that Ecoroll interfered with Lambda's business relationships and had acted with malice in a civil conspiracy. the case involved Lambda's patented Low Plasticity Burnishing (LPB) technology.

LPB is a proven surface treatment that develops a deep layer of compressive residual stress to mitigate fretting fatigue, corrosion cracking, or foreign object damage in the fatigue prone areas of expensive and critical metallic components, such as landing gear medical implants, and turbine blades. LPB delivers significant fatigue life extension with minimal initial capital investment and low production costs.

Lambda Technologies is an innovative company incorporating a premier materials research laboratory with a world-class engineering and production enterprise dedicated to the development and optimization of surface treatments to improve component performance. For additional information on Lambda Technologies or the LPB process, contact Justin Combs at (513) 561-0883 or visit .