Pakistan International Airlines Selects Chromalloy for High Pressure Turbine Engine Blades, Repairs

MRO MIDDLE EAST CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION, DUBAI, February 28, 2010 – Chromalloy announced today that it will provide Pakistan International Airlines with FAA-approved High Pressure Turbine (HPT) blades and component repairs for the carrier’s aircraft engines.

“Chromalloy and our joint venture company, BELAC LLC, will provide first-stage HPT blades for CFM56-3 and CF680C2 engines as well as repairs for the carrier’s fleet,” said Armand F. Lauzon, Jr., President. “By selecting Chromalloy, Pakistan International Airlines has chosen to significantly reduce its maintenance costs while selecting parts and repairs that have demonstrated exceptional reliability, quality and performance.”

Chromalloy and BELAC anticipate delivering six sets of new HPT blades, as well as repairs and scrap replacement services on CFM56-3 and CF6-80C2 turbine engines during 2010.

During 2009, Chromalloy provided the airline with $2.7 million in BELAC parts and repairs.

“Pakistan International Airlines is among a long list of major airlines worldwide that have discovered the cost savings and reliability associated with BELAC blades and Chromalloy repairs,” Lauzon said.

Pakistan International Airlines, which provides in-house engine maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) on its fleet, in addition contracts for third-party services it provides to other carriers in the region. The Chromalloy agreement “strengthens the airline’s offering as an MRO service provider to other airlines,” Lauzon added.

Repairs will be performed for the airline at Chromalloy facilities around the world.

The HPT blades produced by BELAC save operators up to 40 percent off the cost of new original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. The blades are subject to the same rigorous engineering design and manufacturing processes and FAA scrutiny as OEM produced blades.

Over the course of seven years and more than 200 million flight hours, BELAC HPT blades have demonstrated outstanding high quality, reliability and performance, Lauzon said.

As independently manufactured replacement parts, BELAC HPT blades have demonstrated reliability and performance over millions of flight hours. The blades have demonstrated superior on-wing maintainability and lower overhaul costs when removed from service and inspected.

BELAC is a joint venture formed in 1998 by Chromalloy and commercial airline partners. BELAC HPT blades are produced at its operation in Oldsmar, Fla.

In addition to parts and services for a wide variety of aviation applications, Chromalloy supports marine and land-based gas turbine engines, employing identical engineering disciplines as those used to produce its FAA-certified parts.

Chromalloy serves commercial, military and industrial turbine engine operators worldwide and has other offices and operations in the U.A.E., Australia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Japan, the U.K., the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Israel, Mexico and the U.S. In 2009, the company announced TSI Aviation as its sales and marketing representative in Latin America.

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