Aspen Avionics' Transport Canada STC Expanded

Albuquerque, NM, March 3, 2010: Aspen Avionics, Inc., manufacturer of the innovative Evolution Flight Display System, announced today an amendment to the Transport Canada Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) that grants installation approval of the system in Canada. The amended STC now enables all aircraft on Aspen’s Approved Model List (AML) of over 700 aircraft to install the Evolution Primary Flight Display (PFD) and Multi-Function Display (MFD) product lines. It also recognizes a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) allowance to remove most mechanical backup flight instruments upon installation of Aspen’s Evolution PFD and MFD with DuoSafeTM capabilities.

The benefit to Canada-based owners and operators is that now all aircraft registered in Canada that fall under Aspen’s AML have an approval path to install Aspen’s feature-rich glass cockpit solution. The Aspen Evolution Flight Display System is an affordable, expandable and upgradable PFD, MFD and hazard sensor cockpit solution for general aviation aircraft. Highly compatible with existing aircraft avionics, the flexible Evolution Flight Display System lets aircraft owners install all Evolution Flight Displays and options at once, or separately, as their needs and budgets permit.

This milestone reflects Aspen’s commitment to work with Transport Canada to expand the STC to include many other aircraft manufactured outside the USA and Canada. Through an existing agreement with the FAA, Transport Canada already accepts FAA STCs issued for aircraft manufactured in the USA.

“Aspen is serious about expanding our customer base and the availability of our products on a global level. The strength of our relationship with Transport Canada and other aviation authorities around the world are key to this effort,” says Director of Marketing Brad Hayden. “Transport Canada has allowed us to bring our awardwinning products and customer support to more Canadian aircraft owners and operators who will benefit from our safety enhancing and affordable glass cockpit solutions,” he continued.

The complete AML-STC approval list can be found at