NATA 2010 Spring Training Week Scores One For The Books

Alexandria, VA, March 23, 2010 - The 2010 NATA Spring Training Week at AIE started strong on March 15, 2010, with increased attendance and finished full steam with positive participant response. The Spring Training Week seminar lineup was revamped this year and included NATA's FBO Success, Line Service Supervisor Training, Environmental Compliance and Safety 1st Trainer seminars. From top-notch training and business relationship development to friendly competition and a fun locale, NATA 2010 Spring Training Week had something for everyone.

"We hit one out of the park with this year's event. Las Vegas was once again the most valuable destination for ground service safety information, training skills, products and business intelligence," said NATA Director of Safety & Training Amy Koranda. "We saw an overall jump in attendance over the past two years' figures and many participants said that they would like to return in the future."

Long-time NATA members Andi and Dan Montgomery, Montgomery Aviation, were second-time participants at the NATA FBO Success Seminar. Andi and Dan said of their experience at NATA Spring Training Week, "It was fabulous! There is now a book telling us how to run an FBO - the FBO Success Seminar is the book. The exchange of information among FBOs from all over the country is fantastic. The facilitators are experienced and professional. We could go on, but just really believe that this seminar is a must for an owner or manager in our field."

To help its members get into the Spring Training spirit, NATA added a few fun challenges this year. Shawn Mack of Banyan Air Service won the "NATA Training Times Customer Service Idea Sweepstakes" in January that gave him a free seminar registration at Spring Training as the prize. Early last week, the Line Service Supervisor Training Seminar attendees participated in a "Wii Batting Team Challenge" with the blue team emerging as the victors, click here to visit NATA's Facebook page for a list of the winning team members. Finally, on Wednesday, Bill Odierno of Avitat Boca Raton was dubbed the MVP of the "Spring Training Week Wii Batting Challenge" and winner of the Wii system with 9 home runs totaling 5,009 feet.

"I am particularly pleased with the enthusiastic participation of the Spring Training Week attendees. We have found a winning combination of event location, seminars and overall timing, but we plan to adjust next year's schedule to give attendees even more flexibility to register for multiple seminars," added Koranda.