Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Announces New SKYscapes Basecoat-Clearcoat Coating System

Andover, Kan. – SKYscapes™, a new basecoat-clearcoat exterior paint system developed by Sherwin-Williams Aerospace, delivers faster processing time, more color and easier maintenance than similar products on the market. This allows aviation MRO facilities and their paint shops to augment production schedules and turnaround more paint jobs. The result is planes painted with SKYscapes can now get into – and get out of - the shop and into the air faster. Much faster.

SKYscapes modified polyester topcoat is applied using an innovative basecoat-clearcoat process in which all colors are applied as a basecoat. After the basecoat dries, the entire surface of the aircraft is sprayed with a clearcoat finish. Color coat dry time is approximately two hours, compared to six to 10 hours for other systems. This allows shops to apply numerous colors in a single shift and move the aircraft more quickly through the painting cycle. The paint delivers consistent viscosity between toners and yields outstanding flow and leveling.

The new paint system offers a longer recoat time of up to 72 hours, which means no sanding is required between coats. Less sanding means less time spent during the painting process. Also, baking between topcoat layers is not required, which can lead to an added bonus – natural gas and utility savings throughout the year.

SKYscapes colors are brighter and hide better than other similar paint systems. The improved color palette offers nearly an infinite selection of consistent colors that hide well and offer such special features as easy-to-apply pearl and mica finishes. This broad, option-filled palette accommodates the demands of complicated color schemes and extensive liveries. The product provides an appearance with color and gloss retention comparable to Sherwin-Williams’ traditional Jet Glo® technology.

From a maintenance standpoint, SKYscapes is easier to clean thanks to the clearcoat finish. It also is easier to repair than traditional aviation painting systems because the buffable clearcoat can be repaired much faster than that of pigmented coatings. The result is there’s less rework per aircraft.

“Commercial aircraft can now get a business jet finish with a simpler, faster-to-apply product,” says J. Marc Taylor, Sherwin-Williams Aerospace Director of Sales. “Livery brand image is improved because planes look better longer; and easier maintenance and repair means shops can potentially be more profitable and deliver services more cost effectively.”

Another benefit is that using SKYscapes coatings can potentially deliver less overall paint weight. For example, one coat of new SKYscapes basecoat with its higher pigment load - teamed with a clearcoat finish – actually weighs less than two coats of a traditional pigmented coating. Down the road, less weight can lead to fuel savings for airlines and aircraft owners. This, along with the fact that planes are finished faster and then back in service quicker, means SKYscapes is good for everyone’s bottom line.

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