Satcom Direct Training Course Qualifies for FAA Inspection Authorization Renewal Credit

Satellite Beach, Fla. (Mar. 24, 2010) – Satcom Direct, a leading innovator of satellite voice, fax, datalink, and Internet communications solutions, has received FAA certification for its newly-developed Inmarsat Satellite Communications Training Course to count toward requirements for Inspection Authorization renewal.

Those who hold an FAA Inspection Authorization certificate must maintain their eligibility through written documentation, and according to the FAA website, each year during a 12 month period (April 1st to March 31st), they must meet one of five renewal requirements listed in 14 CFR §65.93(a).

Satcom Direct’s Inmarsat Satellite Communications Training Course helps Inspection Authorization holders qualify under item (4) of the listed requirements and is approved to count for 16 hours toward Inspection Authorization renewal.

The Inmarsat Satellite Communications Training Course allows Satcom Direct customers the opportunity to earn training hours toward their Inspection Authorization renewal while also learning about their on-board communications system. The two-day training course offers exposure to general knowledge of the Inmarsat satellite system and troubleshooting techniques for several system types, including hands-on lab exercises.

“We support aviation safety and training, and we constantly strive to deliver the highest value to our customers through our products, services, and training courses,” said Jim Jensen, founder and owner of Satcom Direct.

“This new course will help avionics technicians, mechanics, and even pilots learn more about the on-board communications systems they encounter and how to troubleshoot them. These are important skills for gaining Inspection Authorization renewal credit and will help ensure that they remain a key asset within their organizations, which is essential in today’s competitive industry.”

For more information on available schedules for the Inmarsat Satellite Communications Training Course and other training events, contact Satcom Direct at 321-777-3000.

About Satcom Direct

Founded in 1997, Satcom Direct is the leading innovator of satellite voice, fax, and broadband data service solutions for business and general aviation, military, government, emergency response, media, and other industries that demand secure and reliable global communications. Its primary product, Global One Number®, is an advanced connection service for aeronautical, maritime, and land mobile applications that makes satellite communications as reliable and simple to use as ground-based telephones.

Satcom Direct’s extensive product portfolio also includes Aero VSM, Aero X®, FlightDeck Freedom™ (FDF), One View™, Plane Simple®, Satcom OnSite, and SD Flight Tracker; Inmarsat’s Classic Voice, Swift 64, and SwiftBroadband; Iridium Aero Services; and ViaSat® YonderSM Ku-band Mobile Broadband. For more information regarding Satcom Direct, visit, e-mail, or call +1.321.777.3000. To view Satcom Direct’s portable satellite communication equipment and services, including satellite phones and BGAN units, visit, e-mail, or call +1.321.777.0771.