BLR Aerospace Winglets Earn ANAC Certification for Installation on Brazilian King Air 90s

EVERETT, Wash., March 25, 2010 — BLR Aerospace has received Brazilian Agência Nacional de Aviação Civil (ANAC) approval for its King Air 90 Winglet Systems. The approval comes on the heels of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification achieved earlier this month. Brazilian operators of King Air 90s may now significantly increase aircraft performance and cost savings by installing Winglet Systems. Deliveries will begin immediately, according to Dave Marone, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for the company.

The initial certification will apply to all King Air C90As, C90GTs and C90GTis. Follow-on certifications will expand coverage to earlier C90s and C90Es.

Already certified and installed on King Air 200s, 200GTs, and 300s, Winglet Systems deliver impressive improvements in stability, cruise speed, and rate of climb. Some 200 Systems have been delivered to date. Additionally, Hawker Beechcraft Services (HBS) offers a Beechcraft King Air 90x upgrade package, including BLR Aerospace winglets, to enhance handling and performance for King Air C90GTi aircraft. The HBS upgrade package also includes a gross weight increase to 10,485 pounds.

Operators are increasingly interested in the financial benefits of Winglet installation, Marone said. “With rising fuel prices and economic pressures, Winglets are a solid financial decision,” he said. “Customers benefit from immediate increases in asset value and ongoing reductions in direct operating costs.” For example:

• In some areas of the world, tax codes make it possible to profit from the installation of Winglets. Operators should speak with their accountants for details.

• King Air 200 Winglet operators will realize a 100 percent return on investment — data documented in the Aircraft Blue Book. King Air 90 operators can expect similar returns.

• Depending on mission profile, Winglets can reduce fuel consumption by more than 5%.

In terms of performance, Winglets deliver increased range, cruise fuel savings of approximately 5% and time to climb reduction to flight level 250 in excess of 10%. Additional benefits include reduced drag and improved handling qualities. The performance improvements are a direct result of an increase in effective wingspan and associated increase in aspect ratio combined with the beneficial impact of the Winglet acting as a physical pressure barrier, conserving valuable lift. Winglets are available from a worldwide dealer network, including many HBS authorized locations.