Lord Corporation's Downing to Speak at NOISE-CON 2010

(Cary, NC – March 29, 2010) – LORD Corporation – a global leader in the management of vibration, noise and motion control – has announced that Marshall (Mark) Downing, Staff Engineer, has been selected as a speaker at NOISE-CON 2010.

A member of LORD Corporation’s Technology Development group, Downing has extensive experience in electromechanical system integration on aircraft including consulting with customers on their noise control projects. His presentation is titled “Hybrid characterization of engine isolator and its application to cabin noise studies.” In addition, he is also chairperson for two sessions at the conference: Aircraft Interior Noise and Vibration Damping for Noise.

Downing’s paper details how aircraft companies typically build a global acoustic model of the aircraft, engines and engine attachments, which enables prediction of cabin noise related to engine operating conditions. According to Downing, the objective of the hybrid characterization method is to provide a stiffness matrix for an isolator over a broad frequency range that is suited for use in the global model. The method is called “hybrid” because it aims at aligning viscoelastic material test data, isolator prototype testing and a detailed finite element model. The result is a 6 DOF matrix of translational, rotational and cross-coupling terms for the engine attachment. His presents a case study demonstrating how this method was used for the engine attachments on a business jet aircraft.

Downing has enjoyed a long career with LORD Corporation that led to his recognition in the field of noise control for aircraft. He has an MBA and has completed the Master’s degree coursework in Acoustics, both at Penn State University. He has three patents and is a frequent speaker and author in the industry. Further, he is an active member in the Institute of Noise Control Engineering and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, among others.

To be held in Baltimore, Md. April 19-21, the 26th annual conference of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, NOISE-CON 2010, will run concurrently with the 159th Meeting of the Acoustical Society. The purpose of the conference is to join the overlapping interests of the two organizations. Many of the Noise and ASA Technical Committee Sessions will be part of the joint NOISE-CON & ASA conference; thus, forming a coherent program of noise control related sessions. For more information, please visit www.inceusa.org/NC10.

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