AEC Announces Launch of OTP+R (Online Technical Publications + Revision) Service

PORTLAND, OR – If you’re Chief of Maintenance for a corporate or VIP business jet, you’ll want to read this.

AEC launches OTP+R (Online Technical Publications + Revision), an annual subscription-based service that streamlines maintenance and certification processes for business jet operators. OTP+R provides Chiefs of Maintenance and line technicians on-demand access to aircraft manuals and documents that can be viewed or downloaded via the Internet. The service includes automatic updates to component vendor manuals, ensuring they remain current. Documents impacted by lifecycle maintenance and modifications can be updated quickly and efficiently reducing maintenance, certification, and AOG durations.

The service facilitates ensuring all maintenance and certification documents reflect the actual aircraft configuration. Operators submit engineering data from service centers and/or the operator’s maintenance department to AEC. AEC reviews the engineering data and updates the aircraft documentation accordingly. Fees for this revision service are based on Time and Materials (T&M) and a case by case review of the scope of work. As an added benefit, however, OTP+R subscribers receive a special discounted T&M rate. OTP+R is expected to enhance aircraft resale values and is transferable.

Business jet owners and their maintenance staff are all too familiar with the challenges and headaches of keeping important maintenance and certification documents synchronized with their current aircraft configuration. It’s no news that maintenance and modifications commonplace during the lifecycle of VIP jets can generate mounds of paperwork, and hours of revision tracking. Add to that the frustration and increased AOG downtime resulting from documents that were partially updated, updated incorrectly, or not at all, and you get a sense for the difficulties faced by COMs and line technicians everywhere.

“With over 25 years in the Aerospace Technical Publications business, and as a recognized leader in the writing of Instructions for Continued Airworthiness, we’ve seen the pain this problem has caused many of our customers,” said Ernie Brache, founder and President of AEC Inc. of Sandy, Oregon. He added, “With the launch of OTP+R, business aircraft operators and their maintenance personnel now have on-demand access and revision control to critical documents from anywhere in the world via the Internet.” For more information, visit