Aviat Offers MVP-50P Engine Monitoring on Husky

Afton, WY – Aviat Aircraft has expanded the options available to new Husky owners with the highly versatile MVP-50P engine monitoring system. The system, which is TSO’d, offers a range of information on engine performance that no combination of steam gages can duplicate.

The MVP-50P, priced at $5,995, provides digital and analog images of manifold pressure and RPM settings, in addition to numerical readings of fuel flow, fuel pressure, oil pressure, oil temperature, fuel left and fuel reserve, vacuum, volts and amps. It also updates EGT, CHT, OAT (in Fahrenheit and Celsius). It literally monitors dozens of engine and system parameters, has visual and aural warnings for program limits, and can be customized for specific functions. The unit will also build or store information for flight plans, and keep a running record of aircraft engine performance. Other screens allow monitoring of trim mechanisms and flaps.

Designed by Electronics International, Inc., the MVP-50P provides more information in a smaller space than any other product on the market. It was carefully designed to make the unit user-friendly and easy to read in day or night conditions.

All transducers and senders are included with the MVP-50P unit. Aviat can install the systems at the factory.

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special and kits for the Eagle aerobatic biplane. For further information visit www.AviatAviation.com or call 307.885.3151.