Becker Avionics and PocketFMS are Teaming for New General Aviation Moving Map

Friedrichshafen, April 8, 2010 – Becker Avionics and Netherland based PocketFMS Foundation have signed a cooperation Agreement for joint business activities in design, development, certification, production, sales and marketing of moving map products with applications for the general aviation market.

PocketFMS has vast experience in the development, sales and support of software for moving map and flight planning software for personal computers and handheld products, including navigation database, terrain data, streets, cities, navigation aids, airports and weather data.

Becker Avionics is known for the design, development, certification and production of robust airborne computers, aircraft radios and transponders, digital audio systems, and ground ATC radios. Becker Avionics’ upcoming new multi-function display (MFD) will includes a state-of-the-art moving map and flight planning solution for VFR aircraft. This new MFD is intended for fixed cockpit installations based on a (E)TSO-C113. It can be installed in any type and class of Part 23 aircraft and Part 27 helicopters.

“We want to offer customers an easy to use, reliable and affordable moving map system product” Mr. Roland Becker, President of the Becker Avionics Group stated, “we also wanted to develop new solutions for a moving map data base and flight planning option” he continued, adding that “PocketFMS fits perfectly into our advanced product development goals due to their database concept, which allows access to a world-wide navigation database for a reasonable price”. “We have been looking closely at the PocketFMS product for quite a while,” Mr. Becker continued, “PocketFMS has achieved significant integration and functionality in their software and database design which we feel is more advanced than found in any other product on the market.”

PocketFMS supplies its flight planning software, including the flight map database which can be downloaded from its homepage. The FIR map selection and flight planning can be done easily prior to flight on any computer or laptop.

About PocketFMS Foundation

The PocketFMS Foundation is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to increasing the enjoyment of aviators worldwide by providing improved safety and convenience technology, with the main purpose of:

1. Maintaining the Safety of our Customers; Aviation Safety is always our primary focus.

2. Providing worldwide aviation information with the highest accuracy and content.

3. Providing flight planning and navigation software “for pilots by pilots”; that is highly functional, easy to use, and at an affordable price.

4. Utilizing reliable local technical knowledge in developing products wherever possible; we acknowledge that aviation is international, but recognize that regional differences exist as well.

5. Maintaining a sense of community in our users through shared values of safety, convenience, quality, responsiveness, contribution to the common good, and practical aviation experience; we believe in the Fellowship of Aviation and want our users to enjoy their aviation experience to the fullest, as we do ourselves.

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About Becker Avionics

Becker Avionics is a privately held high-tech company that develops, manufactures and distributes the latest communications, navigation, surveillance and search & rescue equipment for airborne and ground applications.

Becker Avionics has a longstanding history of over 50 years in providing equipment to General and Corporate Aviation, ATC, law enforcement and military organizations around the world. In order to support the international market requirements the Company has established branches around the world. Becker Avionics supports an extensive customer base, such as, but not limited to Eurocopter, EADS, Airbus, British Aerospace, ATR, CASA, RUAG, Xi’an Aircraft Corporation, AgustaWestland, Pilatus, German Air Force, Navy and Army, German Border Patrol, German Police, Austrian Army and Police, Swiss Air Force, Dutch Police, Security Civil, Irish Air Corps, Egyptian Navy, Indonesian Navy, Portuguese Air Force, US Army, US Air Force, US Navy and US Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol, etc. For more information see: or