New Product Line from Summit Training Source

Grand Rapids, MI. – On April 12, 2010, Summit Training Source will release their new product line for 2010, Summit Elements. Summit Elements are video clips, ranging from 10 seconds to over a minute, and animations which address various topics for safety, compliance and HR. Trainers are able to download Summit Elements and utilize them in Power Point™ presentations, online courses, on their own, or in any other way a trainer sees fit. Summit Elements give trainers and instructional designers the ability to easily and effectively build a multi-media training presentation with proven, award winning content. Currently, there are over 3,000 video Elements available for download.

When training, utilizing multiple media formats is the best way to increase comprehension and retention of materials and prevent student zone out. “We are finding our customers want more individualized training and want to deliver the training on their own terms. We’ve taken our technically accurate and effective training content and broken it down into parts and pieces that can be assembled and used in any training presentation,” comments Bryan Hornik, General Manager for Summit Training Source.

Choose from over 3,000 media Elements to build your training presentation; Create and build training presentations to the individuals needs; Create training programs that target a specific topic; Include Summit Elements in Power Point™ presentations; Combine Elements with e-learning building software; And more!

Topics range from “how to” scenarios to general practices and hazard awareness. Summit will be adding Elements to their library of offerings throughout the year. With Summit Elements you are completely in control of the content you deliver and how you deliver. The applications are limitless. For more information or to purchase visit