LAMA Press Conference at Sun ‘N Fun 2010

PORT ORANGE, FLORIDA — April 13, 2010 — LAMA is pleased to update the media on its activities in and for the Light-Sport Aircraft (LSA) community. A press conference will be held on April 14th at 10:00 to 11:00 AM in the press tent alongside press headquarters at the Sun ‘n Fun airshow. All media are invited. LAMA represents businesses producing aircraft certified to industry consensus standards.

LAMA will bring the latest information about the industry compliance oversight effort. As part of the press conference, LAMA will incorporate a signing ceremony where the newest company to engage LAMA’s Third-Party ASTM Compliance Audit will formally sign their contract to begin this process. “Never before has such a signing ceremony been done in public,” indicated LAMA founder, Larry Burke.

Immediately before Sun ‘n Fun opens on April 13th, the major European airshow known as Aero occurred in Friedrichshafen, Germany. At this event, a group of manufacturers gathered to form LAMA-EU, a unit of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association in Europe. The multi-nation European Union is the source of more than 60% of all LSA sold in the USA and the manufacturers group formed LAMA-EU to begin lobbying with the goal of pushing the European Aviation Safety Agency to adopt a description of Light-Sport Aircraft that is “1:1 like the USA.” While European regulations may differ from those in the USA or other countries, ASTM standards are already accepted as a means of certification in several countries with many more in various stages of acceptance. “By its actions as LAMA-EU, the industry hopes to restrain costly ‘Fees & Charges’ demanded by EASA,” said Jan Fridrich, director of LAMA-EU.

Back in the USA, LAMA is again host of the LSA Mall strategically positioned near the main public entrance to Sun ‘n Fun. “We are very pleased to report a full-to-capacity LSA Mall despite very tough times for most of our producers,” said LAMA president, Dan Johnson. “We know visitors love these collections of all top-selling LSA, and we commend the broad industry support for continuing these showcases.” The LSA Mall will feature 18 of the most-popular aircraft, all in close proximity.

Finally, LAMA will help identify a few of the price roll-backs offered by key industry players as they seek to invigorate the market and address concerns about rising prices of Light-Sport Aircraft. While the euro/dollar exchange rate accounts for the bulk of price increases since the category was created five years ago, manufacturers are working to keep the cost of LSA affordable and LAMA will highlight noteworthy accomplishments in this direction.

LAMA, the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association, is the light aviation industry’s trade association. Founded in 1984, LAMA represents nearly 100 members of the Light-Sport Aircraft business community including airframe manufacturers; producers of engines, avionics, and components; suppliers, distributors; flight schools; and other aviation businesses. LAMA functions in the USA and Europe with active representation and has created the LAMA Audit and Label programs to provide private third-party oversight of LSA producers’ compliance with ASTM standards.