King Schools and Redbird Announce a Breakthrough in Personal Flight Simulators

Lakeland, FL (Sun ‘n Fun), April 15, 2010 — Today, King Schools and Redbird Flight Simulations announced the availability of a revolutionary home aviation simulator.

“This home simulator will really keep you sharp! Unlike other “desktop” models, the TD desk-mount places the yoke and controls under the table, achieving the feel of a real cockpit while you practice instrument procedures to any airport in the world, or maybe pre-fly that upcoming cross-country,” said John King, Co-Chairman of King Schools.

“With airplane manufacturers restricting the use of circuit breakers to simulate system failure in the air, a good simulator has become essential in preparing to deal with emergencies — and the Redbird TD really delivers,” added Martha King, also Co-Chairman of King Schools.

The Redbird TD can be ordered with either a “glass” or “analog” instrument panel — each option providing realistic system failures, and is approved as a Basic Aviation Training Device (BATD) by the FAA. This approval, allows pilots to log instrument time for the purpose of recent experience and to log up to 10 hours toward an instrument rating, or log up to 2.5 hours toward a private pilot certificate.

The Redbird TD is available exclusively through King Schools’ marketing, sales and distribution channels worldwide. The TD can be ordered now and will begin shipping on May 1st. It is priced at $6,995.

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