Build A Plane Launches AeroScholars Online High School Courses

Lakeland, FL April 15, 2010—Build A Plane, a non-profit organization working in formal partnership with the FAA to promote aviation education, will now offer AeroScholars, two online aviation courses developed specifically for high school students.

The two courses, Fundamentals of Aviation Science and Advanced Aviation Science, were written in accordance with NSTA national teaching standards. Students who complete the online courses can receive high school credit that counts toward graduation. Both programs were originally developed by a partnership that included EAA and Utah-based Achiever Learning.

The Fundamental of Aviation Science explores the history of flight and uncovers the mysteries of airplane and helicopter flight and the basics of aerodynamics. Students will learn about the evolution of aircraft and their designs, engines, instruments, and aircraft systems. The course includes significant historical events in aviation and aerospace development as well as a look at modern technology and industry progress. Students will learn aerospace terminology, government and industry roles in aviation and applicable regulations.

The second course, Advanced Aviation Science helps students learn about airport systems, air traffic control procedures, airspace, aviation weather, air navigation, radio communication procedures, and federal aviation regulations. The course features hundreds of interactive videos, test questions, and 17 weeks of exciting aviation lessons.

Upon successful completion of this course, students may request an endorsement to take the FAA private pilot knowledge examination, signed off by a certified flight instructor. Passing the knowledge exam completes the first step toward earning a real pilot license.

“Build A Plane has partnered with Achieve Learning to continue offering AeroScholars,” aid Katrina Bradshaw, Build A Plane’s executive director. “In the past, students paid close to $1000 to take both courses. Now students can take the two courses for a total of $350! We’re very excited about that.” Students also get the benefit of live help when they enroll in AeroScholars. FAA certified flight instructors are available over the internet to answer questions and to monitor progress.

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