Web-Hosted Software Tracks MRO and Reduces IT Burdens for British Airways Maintenance

The CribMaster system accurately monitors usage, tracks consumption and budget, and automatically or manually issues purchase orders.

Having experienced a positive impact in cost reduction from phase one, BAMC moved to phase two with the objective of achieving a complete workable supplier database with all their commercial suppliers through CribMaster. This allowed BAMC to optimize their supplier product portfolios. Just by optimizing their supplier database, they realized even greater benefits. Evidence as noted in these areas:

- Supplier database reduced from 150 to 53

- Less storage space for MRO inventory created more space for parts

- Consumption reduced by approximately 40%.

“CribMaster ensured us that the new broom always sweeps clean”, touts Mr. Morgan.

Phase three of the efficiency drive was to maximize the use of the system on as many areas of the crib as possible such as reworkable items, calibrations, kitting, etc. With kitting, items are packaged together in a kit, and then the kit is invoiced to the repair allowing them to track the items to a cost center.

After completion of three successful phases, where does BAMC see CribMaster going from here? The next phase would be to continue to improve the process flow by placing inventory dispensing machines at the point-of-use or locate machines in proximity of where the work is being done.

With the ability to accurately track inventory management data without added IT burdens means BAMC can efficiently plan what materials the maintenance engineers need in maintaining the aircraft fleet. Being a highly focused company, BAMC has made significant operational improvements to continually drive efficiency and reduce costs in the MRO process. Costly completion delays are prevented allowing aircraft to be delivered sooner.

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