TeamSAI Launches New Company to Fill Airline Demand

Denver, Co. – – In response to growing airline industry demand for maintenance support services in the engineering, planning and materials management disciplines, TeamSAI is pleased to announce a new, cutting edge service with the formation of TeamSAI M&E Solutions. Offering every technical, material, and maintenance oversight needed to support an airline’s maintenance operation including engineering services, technical publications, planning and materials services, TeamSAI M&E Solutions started operations with its first two customers in mid 2009.

“TeamSAI recognized a void in the industry when it came to airlines seeking more value in comprehensive engineering, planning and material services. Until now, the only alternative was for each airline to develop its own technical support services internally or to turn to expensive turn-key services offered by only a few MRO’s and OEM’s that compelled the airline to adapt to their way of doing business. TeamSAI M&E Solutions levels the playing field and brings unparalleled value with its “Center of Excellence” focus – best of the best people using industry best practices while leveraging economies of scale. It’s a win-win combination that airlines are responding to in a very positive way,” said David A. Marcontell, President of the new subsidiary.

TeamSAI M&E Solutions offers a unique “cafeteria style” approach to its airline customers, tailoring services to the individual needs of each customer. From its Atlanta based Airline Operations Center, M&E Solutions experts have developed processes that are sufficiently robust, yet flexible enough to meet each individual airline’s unique requirements.

“We recognized that the airline customer desired to have a truly independent provider rather than one affiliated with an OEM or MRO. M&E Solutions is designed to focus purely on the best interests of its airline customer so that there is no potential for conflict of interests”, added Marcontell.

Chris Doan, TeamSAI’s Chairman and CEO added “We are now servicing three established US airlines with over 400 aircraft in operations. Our customer’s appreciate our deep airline expertise combined with a clear vision for improved service levels and process approach. At the same time, TeamSAI M&E Solutions offers flexibility and responsiveness needed in today’s airline operations. We are very pleased that our first customers are all established airlines with leadership that recognized the need for a new direction. TeamSAI M&E Solutions can focus purely on the airline customer as we have purposefully remained independent in our affiliations with the industry.”

The Center of Excellence focus creates a number of unique value propositions that developed as a result of our direct airline and consulting efforts:

• Economy of scale

• Best practices in the design and operation

• State of the art tools and software

• Employing the best of the best available in the industry

• Strong airline operations backgrounds and orientation

• Flexible and responsive

• Scalable to serve any sized operation

• Customer focused

It’s Atlanta based Airline Operations Center is designed to serve airlines worldwide.

TeamSAI, Inc. is a leading technical support services, strategic consulting and MRO forecasting firm specializing in the commercial and business aviation operations and maintenance market.

• TeamSAI M&E Solutions – permanent solutions to every Technical Support Service need

• TeamSAI Consulting Services – respected strategic, operational, and maintenance consulting

• TeamSAI MRO Data Services - leaders in MRO data and forecasting

TeamSAI executes an aviation centered vision of supporting the aviation community including airlines, airports, manufacturers, MROs, VIP completions and corporate/fractional operations with unique and customized solutions addressing the industry’s most challenging problems.

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