Hartzell Aerospace Awarded $50 Million Contract for Low-Pressure Ducting for Embraer Legacy 450; 500 Business Jets

Piqua, Ohio, May 4, 2010 – Embraer has awarded Hartzell Aerospace a $50 million long-term contract to design, test and supply the low pressure ducting system for the new Embraer Legacy 450 and 500 mid-light and mid-size business jets. The ducting system provides all the air conveyance for the environmental control system (ECS) which includes composite ducting and plenums, elastomeric hoses and connectors, water/air separators and rigid and flexible noise attenuators. The design and manufacturing of these ECS products will be supplied by Industrial Tube Company (ITC), LLC located in Perris, CA and AcousticFab LLC in Sanford FL. Both companies are members of the Hartzell Aerospace group.

David Schmidt, president of Hartzell Aerospace said “I’m delighted that Embraer has chosen ITC and AcousticFab to supply these components. This is a major program for our companies and fits our strategy of providing higher order products within the synergy of the Hartzell Aerospace companies. We are proud to be a part of the Legacy 450/500 team.”

Air ducting technologies are critical factors in the design of aircraft interiors and systems, as noise attenuation targets must ensure the lowest possible ambient levels, particularly in executive jet aircraft with transcontinental range. The materials for the ECS system were selected, and components designed to meet Embraer’s aggressive weight, reliability and cost requirements.

Formally launched in 2008, the Legacy 450 and Legacy 500 set new paradigms in their categories. These aircraft will have the largest and quietest cabins in their classes. A flat-floor stand-up (6-foot) cabin, excellent pressurization, and vacuum lavatories are other highlights of the aircraft, complementing their superior performance and low operating costs. The jets will be the only ones in their segments equipped with fly-by-wire electronic flight controls.

The Legacy 450 is designed to carry up to nine passengers. Its range will be 2,300 nautical miles (4,260 km) with four passengers plus NBAA IFR reserves, and able to fly nonstop from London (U.K.) to Moscow (Russia); or from Delhi (India) to Dubai (UAE). The Legacy 500 will carry up to twelve passengers. Designed for a range of 3,000 nautical miles (5,560 km) with four passengers plus NBAA reserves, allows customers to fly nonstop from New York to Los Angeles, in the U.S.; or from Moscow to Mumbai (India).

Hartzell Aerospace comprises a group of companies owned by Tailwind Technologies Inc and includes Industrial Tube Co., AcousticFab and Electrofilm Manufacturing Co. LLC. The companies’ products have been in service for over 40 years, providing specialized OEM and aftermarket engineered applications including: ice protection, freeze protection, and surface and air heaters; noise control for ECS and APU applications; and composite and elastomer ducting and structures. Tailwind Technologies is also parent company to Hartzell Propeller of Piqua, Ohio, Mayday Manufacturing and Hi-Tech Metal finishing, both of Denton, Texas.