Raisbeck C90GTi EPIC Performance Package ANAC Approved

Seattle, Wash. (May 18, 2010)- Raisbeck Engineering has received Brazilian ANAC certification for its King Air C90GTi EPIC Performance Package, which includes Raisbeck/Hartzell 4-blade Quiet Turbofan Propellers (the ‘Performance Props’), Dual Aft Body Strakes, Increased Gross Weight to 10,560lbs (ramp) and 10,500lbs (takeoff), FAA-Approved Flight Manual Supplement, and optional Crown Wing Lockers. The Performance Package has been FAA Approved since the fall of 2009, and is available for all C90A/B/, C90GT and C90GTi models. To date, nearly 40 percent of all new production C90GTi and B200GT owners are electing to have Raisbeck Performance Systems installed prior to first delivery.

Raisbeck’s C90GTi EPIC Performance Package benefits include higher ramp and takeoff weights (460lbs and 400lbs more, respectively), 13% shorter takeoff distances, significantly better climb, lower cruise RPM, and shorter landing distances. Brazilian operators are able to take advantage of the operational flexibility provided by being able to take off with more weight from high and hot airports, on shorter runways. All C90GTis (LJ-1853 and subsequent) are eligible for the package, as well as all C90 models.

There is no lead time on the package and installations can be scheduled and performed at Raisbeck Authorized Dealers throughout the Brazilian region. To access the full list visit our website.

Many U.S. operators are already realizing the benefits of the C90GTi EPIC, including Tim Thompson from Executive Flight in Wenatchee, Washington:

“Raisbeck’s C90GTi EPIC Performance Package provides us with maximum range while still carrying more passengers,” he commented about LJ-1888’s charter missions.

Raisbeck Performance Systems are available worldwide for purchase and installation at any Hawker Beechcraft Service Center, as well as at Raisbeck’s Independent Authorized Dealers. Over 6,000 Raisbeck systems have been installed since 1982. Raisbeck continues its long-standing tradition of improving personal, business and corporate aircraft performance through the integration of advanced technology with currently flying airplanes. A full list of satisfied King Air Raisbeck-equipped owners can be found at website www.raisbeck.com.