M7 Aerospace Awarded Army Aviation Systems Award

San Antonio, Texas – M7 Aerospace has been selected by the Army Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation to receive the Army Aviation Systems Weapon Systems Award for 2010. This award recognized M7 Aerospace for being instrumental in assisting the Army Fixed Wing Product Management Office during the past year.

M7 Aerospace was one of eight government contractors recognized by the Army’s Fixed Wing Product Management Office for exemplary service in support of the United States Warfighter in 2009. M7 Aerospace currently provides the Life Cycle Contract Support (LCCS) services for the Army’s fleet of C-23 and C-26 aircraft. A key program that contributed to M7 Aerospace being selected for this award was the recovery of four damaged aircraft in 2009. In July of 2009, M7 Aerospace recovered four C-23 aircraft that where heavily damaged in Iraq, when a hangar structure where the aircraft were housed collapsed during a violent wind storm. M7’s C-23 program office immediately assigned a team of specialists to return these aircraft to service. All four aircraft where repaired and returned to service before the end of 2009.

Both the C-23 & C-26 aircraft have been out of production for many years. Returning these older aircraft to service when they incur heavy damages can be complicated by the scarcity of replacement parts, engineering and technical support when the Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM) no longer produces the aircraft. Both military and civilian operators have considerable investment in these older aircraft. Finding cost effective spare parts and support to keep them in service allows the operators to capitalize on their investments. M7 Aerospace has established itself as an industry leader in supporting legacy aircraft fleets like the C-23 & C-26. M7 Aerospace’s Engineering, Manufacturing and Supply Chain teams have the knowledge, experience and resources to keep these older aircraft in service longer.

M7 Aerospace is an integrated aerospace services company offering a full suite of aviation services through its seven business segments. M7 offers an integrated solutions approach to its government and commercial customers, crossing traditional market boundaries, both domestically and internationally.

The company’s seven integrated business segments include Aerostructures Manufacturing; Government Logistics Support Contracting; Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul; Engineering Services; Aircraft Parts and Service; Supply Chain Management, and Staffing & Business Solutions. M7 Aerospace began operations in 2003 after acquiring the assets of Fairchild Aircraft. M7 remains the OEM for the fleet of Fairchild-built Metro, Merlin, Expediter and C-26 aircraft, and has transformed itself into a leading provider of aerospace and defense services. M7 operates from its 457,948 sq. ft. facility located on 22 acres at the San Antonio International Airport and employs nearly 500 people worldwide. Visit the company’s Web site at www.m7aerospace.com