Cascade Aircraft Conversions Named Authorized Service Center for GE's M601 and H80 Engines

EVENDALE, OHIO - May 27, 2010 -- GE Aviation has named Cascade Aircraft Conversions as an Authorized Service Center for the M601 and H80 engines.

As part of the agreement, Cascade Aircraft Conversions will offer comprehensive line maintenance, removals and re-installations of engines and LRUs and engine spares for the M601 and H80 engine families. GE Aviation will provide Cascade Aircraft Conversions with comprehensive material support and training.

"Cascade Aircraft Conversions has a deep knowledge of the M601 engines with more than 50 installed conversions currently operating in the agricultural aviation segment," said Paul Theofan, president and managing executive of GE Aviation Czech s.r.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of GE Aviation. "This knowledge is well suited to Cascade's new role as an Authorized Service Center for M601 and H80 engines."

Cascade Aircraft Conversions holds supplemental type certificates for the M601E-11 and M601D-11 engines on the Thrush aircraft and the Air Tractor 300, 400 and 500 series aircraft. The benefits for M601 engine conversions on the aircraft compared to existing piston engines include lower acquisition and maintenance costs with no nozzles, no hot section inspections and no engine teardown required in a wire strike event. The M601 engine also offers improved hot and high performance.

Cascade Aircraft Conversions is a diverse, multi-faceted total aircraft rebuild and refurbishing company in addition to its aircraft conversion offerings. Located in Washington State, Cascade has been serving the agricultural aviation industry nationally and internationally for more than 35 years.