Avex Becomes First Husky/Pitts Dealer in Russia

St. Petersburg, Russia – Avex aviation services has taken delivery of their first Husky and Pitts Special at Kasimovo Airport, near St. Petersburg, Russia. This follows the development of a signed dealership agreement with Aviat Aircraft in Afton, Wyoming. Avex will provide sales, service and training for the Husky and Pitts.

Igor Dushenko, President of Avex, said there were five major reasons for selecting the Husky for Russia: “First, it doesn’t need an airport. With its STOL capability and skis or tundra tires, all we need is an open field or frozen lake. Second, it has a tremendous useful load, with a gross weight rating of 2,200 pounds. Third, it is far more economical for operations and maintenance in rural Russia than any other aircraft currently in the country. Fourth, it is very easy to train people in a Husky. Finally, it offers tremendous range and comfort for the pilot which is an issue with the kind of cross country flying we expect to do in this vast nation.”

Russia has hundreds of settlements along its Northern and Eastern shorelines that can only be reached by boat. There are hundreds more that have no way of connecting to major cities except by air or rail. The government has come to realize the value of allowing general aviation the freedom to utilize Russian airspace. “Change is slow in Russia,” said Aleksey Reyder, co-founder of Avex, “but the need to transport people and supplies, often in emergency conditions, is revising attitudes in Russia with respect to general aviation. We are sure that the Husky will amaze the Russian aviation community with its performance, abilities and utility! It’s an ideal aircraft for Russia in this 21st Century.”

Avex offers flight training and functions as a Service Station for Cessna. They will eventually be using a Husky and Pitts Special for their ratings programs.

“Russia, like China, has begun to realize the need for aircraft like the Husky in rural settings where there are no improved runways,” said Stu Horn, President of Aviat Aircraft. “While there are some New Russians who can afford a Husky or Pitts for personal recreation, we expect most sales to wind up in commercial applications where aviation is often vital to meet the needs of the people.”

Aviat Aircraft manufactures the Husky, Pitts Special, and kits for the Eagle biplane. For more information call 307.885.3151 or visit www.AviatAircraft.com.