Bombardier Approves New Waterborne Technology from AkzoNobel Aerospace

Bombardier Aerospace is the latest manufacturer to approve two next-generation waterborne structural primers from AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings following an extensive series of tests and trials.

The first, Aerowave 2001, is an epoxy corrosion inhibiting primer with a VOC level of less than 250g/l. Whilst the Bombardier (BAMS565-001) specification requires the product to contain some chromate, the advanced Aerowave formulation means it can be achieved with up to 75% less than other currently approved products Overall chromate usage is reduced and lower chromate content in turn helps to cut coatings weight, by around 20% at comparable film thickness- contributing to lower operating costs.

The second, Aerowave 2002, is a non-inhibiting chrome free epoxy primer used for composites and has been approved to Bombardier specification BAMS565- 014.

The Aerowave range of advanced waterborne structural primers, topcoat and ancillary products helps aerospace businesses to meet their sustainability commitments - without the drawbacks associated with earlier waterborne technologies.

Easy to apply and quick to dry, VOC emissions from Aerowave primers are around half that of most high solids products for better compliance with solvent emission and waste regulations. Easier mixing and a long potlife means less waste too. All Aerowave products are fully REACH compliant.