Global Jet Services is First to Launch FAA Accepted Cutting Edge G550 On-Line Engine Run Course

WEATOGUE, CT: June 9, 2010 – Global Jet Services, Inc., a leading innovator in aviation maintenance training, has launched the newest on-line course in its line of E-learning maintenance training: the G550 Engine Run course.

GJS’s new online G550 Engine Run training program will result in more qualified technicians and increased safety, efficiency and cost effectiveness. The course goes step by step through every item on the checklist. The product contains a walk around using a real G550. Interactive instruments, panels, consoles and controls allow you to press buttons, flip switches and pull handles, and the cutting-edge graphics and simulations provide the experience of being in the cockpit. A narrator also guides participants through this easy to use program with audio prompts and further information.

A special section of practical exercises introduces the technician to three common emergency procedures. These procedures can be practiced in timed scenarios until they become second nature, contributing to the safe operation of these tests when performed on an actual aircraft. No other company offers such a thorough, accessible, and cost-effective alternative to simulators or real aircraft time.

“We know that it can be difficult to perform engine run training in the field,” said company president, JD McHenry, “so we developed a course that offers as close to a real, hands-on experience as you can get outside of an actual cockpit or full sized simulator.”

Phil DiGennaro, GJS Gulfstream instructor and subject matter expert on the project adds, “This is as good as it gets outside of a real G550; maybe even better, because during the course you can practice things over and over again until you get it right, without using a drop of fuel and with no risk to the aircraft or maintenance crew.” As maintenance budgets continue to be reduced and aircraft availability becomes scarcer, GJS’s G550 Engine Run course could not come at a better time. Engine Run courses for additional aircraft models are in the works, with the company’s in-house e-learning experts and accomplished instructors working toward an extensive selection.

To learn more, visit the Global Jet Services website at: or contact them via email at or via phone at 860/651-6090.