Tempest Announces Availability of New Spark Plugs

GIBSONVILLE, NC — Tempest® is proud to announce the addition of a complete line of aviation spark plugs to its popular brand aviation products. Aero Accessories, the manufacturer of the Tempest brand of products has completed the relocation of the spark plug manufacturing facility from Rockford, IL to its new manufacturing facility in Gibsonville, NC.

The company has received FAA/PMA and has commenced shipping product. In addition to being competitively priced Tempest spark plug product features include: Bright nickel plating providing corrosion protection; Proprietary glass center seal and integral resistor for maximum durability and improved spark gap life; Vacuum-cemented center electrode prevents combustion gases from interfering with heat transfer; Unslotted electrode head which provides consistent contact surface for energy transfer; High-alumina ceramic insulator uses a proprietary glaze material to ensure high mechanical strength and dielectric quality.

Tempest is the leading brand of pneumatic, filtration, and fuel systems, including a complete line of OEM carburetors and fuel pumps, ignition components, oil and pneumatic filtration products, and specialty tools. The manufacturing facilities are located in Gibsonville, NC, with sales and marketing offices located in Greenville, SC and Atlanta, GA. For more information regarding Tempest products, please go to www.tempestplus.com