StandardAero Los Angeles Receives OSHA Voluntary Protection Program Certification

TEMPE, Ariz. – June 21, 2010 – Designed to promote excellence in safety and health management systems, the Occupational Safety & Health Administration’s (OSHA) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) has recognized StandardAero’s Los Angeles location (LAX) for achieving its most advanced level of certification. The VPP STAR program is designed to recognize employers and their employees who have implemented comprehensive safety and health programs that effectively prevent and control occupational hazards. This program goes beyond basic OSHA standards to provide the best feasible protection at a given location.

Management commitment and employee participation are key elements in achieving VPP STAR recognition. VPP STAR certified establishments are considered to be leaders in the field of workplace safety and health. Achieving this certification ensures OSHA regulatory compliance above and beyond regulation which in turn provides employees with a state-of-the-art safe and healthy work environment. Through better facility and employee asset management, the site is more efficient and productive. Due to having the proper policies, procedures and best practices in place, a VPP site ensures customer’s assets are safe and sound.

Benefits of implementing the program are improvement in safety performance resulting in a decline in injury, illness and lost work day rates; reduced absenteeism rates, lower insurance premiums and lower worker’s compensation costs; and higher morale and feelings of ownership among employees.

The statistical evidence for VPP’s success is impressive. An average VPP worksite has a Days Away Restricted or Transferred (DART) case rate of 52 percent below the average for its industry. Reductions in injuries and illnesses begin when the site commits to the VPP approach to safety and health management and the challenging VPP application process. There are currently 73 sites in the State of California that have achieved the VPP certification.