Two Aviation Professionals Appointed to Raisbeck Engineering’s Sales & Marketing Department

Seattle, Wash. (June 28, 2010) - Raisbeck Engineering is pleased to announce the appointment of Tobin Shackelford to the position of Sales Manager, Learjet and Special Missions, and Taisha Fernandez to the position of Sales & Marketing Assistant. Shackelford’s responsibilities include all Learjet Performance System related activities, the ongoing development of the global network of Raisbeck Authorized Dealers, and the management of special mission projects. Fernandez will be responsible for integrating sales and market research data into strategic programs, supporting all members of the sales and marketing team, and assisting all aspects of sales and marketing activities.

A high time pilot in King Air aircraft, and experienced with the Learjet 30 series, Tobin started his career in aviation at an early age. After graduating from Northern Arizona University he worked as a weather forecaster at the National Weather Service Flagstaff, Arizona. For the past 12 years, he has worked as a professional pilot, receiving his commercial pilot’s license in 1997. His past positions have also included aviation consulting and managing corporate aircraft as the Aircraft Manager at Pacific Aviation Northwest. Special interests include Mountaineering and White Water Kayaking.

Fernandez is a recent graduate of the aviation program at the University of North Dakota, receiving her BS degree in Airport & Aviation Management. She has her private pilot’s license, and is well versed in aerospace and business law. She has also received training under part 141, and has experience in part 61, 91 and 121.

“I am very excited and pleased to have Tobin and Taisha on the Raisbeck Team,” said Samuel L. Jantzen Jr., Chief Operating Officer for Raisbeck Engineering. “They are part of a strategic team with two primary objectives; the first is to develop comprehensive and aggressive sales and marketing programs to increase King Air and Learjet market growth, and the second is to enhance the quality and training of our Authorized Dealer network. Together, they bring experience and enthusiasm that will be invaluable in achieving those objectives.”

Raisbeck Engineering was founded in 1973 and continues to dedicate itself to improving the productivity, safety and performance of business and commercial aircraft. More information can be found by visiting