NBAA: Project Bootstrap

Together with the National Center for Aircraft Technician Training (NCATT), the AMTSociety, the Aviation Maintenance Society and the Aircraft Electronics Association, the NBAA Maintenance Committee will host the first "Project Bootstrap" meeting on Sunday, Oct. 16, preceding the NBAA Annual Meeting & Convention in Orlando, Florida.

This ground-breaking event will be the first in a series of meetings designed to evolve the Aviation Maintenance Trade into the Aviation Maintenance Profession.

Building on the foundation NCATT started with industry certification of the first-ever aircraft electronics technician (AET) – funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation – this initial partnership will address the details of the newly created Aviation Maintenance Technical Engineer (AMTE) professional role.

The AMTE represents the fusion of the traditional AMT role and the Avionics Technician. The initiative was first presented last year by the NBAA Training/Advanced Education subcommittee and is represented by a white paper supported by the NBAA.

This will be the first such effort in 103 years to expand a venerable and noble trade by combining lateral skill sets in a vertical direction providing the individual with career growth and business, with added value through professional development.