Lufthansa Technik's Guideline: Maintenance-free use on all Airbus and CRJ Aircraft

Lufthansa Technik so far the only supplier of maintenance-free marking systems

With immediate effect, Guideline, Lufthansa Technik's non-electric floor path marking system, can be used completely maintenance-free on all Airbus aircraft types and Bombardier's CRJ regional jet series. This is an important milestone for Lufthansa Technik. The Hamburg-based company is the only provider of floor path marking systems in the world whose product requires no mandatory maintenance effort whatsoever over the entire life cycle of the aircraft.

Based on intensive tests by Lufthansa Technik, the Maintenance Working Groups at Airbus - to which, in addition to the aircraft manufacturer, all the relevant aviation authorities and numerous large airlines belong - have decided to release Guideline with immediate effect from all life-limiting and inspection constraints. A working group at aircraft manufacturer Bombardier arrived at the same conclusion for the CRJ jet family as a result of which Guideline will in future be subject only to simple visual inspections. Which means that, unlike conventional electrical marking systems, airlines can operate the system very economically. The colour of the lighting strips also blends ideally with the cabin.

Furthermore, Lufthansa Technik is holding the approvals of EASA and FAA in the form of Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) to retrofit Guideline in all current aircraft types meaning that as a rule the system can be installed in these aircraft without any lead-time.

"Nowadays cost savings are more than just a goal, they shape the airline's daily routine. With Guideline we are making an important contribution to improving the efficiency of airline operations," says Uwe Mukrasch, Senior Vice President Aircraft Component Services of Lufthansa Technik. "Because of its narrower width and subtle colours, the latest Guideline generation in particular can be harmoniously integrated into the aircraft cabin - while significantly reducing maintenance costs. Now of all times, when many airlines are investing in new cabin products, the demands on the required marking systems have increased substantially. Guideline exceeds all expectations as regards cost efficiency and design."

Guideline is available in various colours. The traditional shade "Natural" is supplemented by Ocean Tint, Glacier Blue, Dark Yellow, Special Amber, Silver Grey, Emerald Green, Indigo, Turquoise and Spring Green, thus providing the ideal accompaniment to the carpet and colours of the cabin interior. It is only when the cabin lights are dimmed that the strips emit their normal yellow light.

Guideline works on the photo luminescent principle and in an emergency indicates the path to the exit. For night flights, the luminescent strips are a reliable orientation aid. Between 15 and 30 minutes of cabin lighting are sufficient to charge the system for up to 12 hours of flying time. The non-radioactive, highly fire-resistant and completely non-health threatening material absorbs the light and gradually reemits it. This process can be repeated at will. Apart from cleaning, no further maintenance is required.

New Airbus aircraft have been delivered with factory-fitted Guideline since 1998. Cathay Pacific, Eva Air, Alitalia, China Southern, Air China, Easyjet, LAN, Iberia, Middle East Airlines, TAM and South African Airways are only a few examples of customers who have selected Guideline to date. Since the end of 1998, all of Southwest Airlines' Boeing 737s have been fitted with Guideline - more than 400 aircraft so far. 42 Boeing 767-300s belonging to All Nippon Airways (ANA) have been fitted with Guideline. As long ago as 2003, Lufthansa Technik installed the first non-electrical floor path marking system on a Boeing 747-400, followed last year by the Airbus A380. Since 2005, aircraft manufacturer Bombardier has been equipping its CRJ200, CRJ700 and CRJ900 as standard with Guideline. Since 1995, a total of approximately 2000 aircraft from more than 100 customers have been fitted with a combined total of more than 200 kilometers of Guideline.