Chelton Flight Systems' Synthetic Vision EFIS Approved for Eurocopter EC-120B Helicopter

Boise Idaho, (November 10th, 2006) – Chelton Flight Systems, part of the Cobham Avionics and Surveillance Division, has been granted FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) approval of the Chelton Synthetic Vision EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) in the Eurocopter EC 120B Helicopter. The STC (STC# SR01673SE) was developed in conjunction with Hillsboro Aviation Inc, and will be available in a standard two screen system with a Primary Flight Display (PDF) and a Multifunction Flight Display (MFD) and an optional three screen system with one PFD and two MFDs.

"This approval will supplement our existing family of STC's on the Eurocopter AS 350/355 helicopters," said David Thomas, Chelton's Helicopter Program Director. "We endeavor to support Eurocopter by giving their customers the ability to install the Chelton Flight System into one of their best selling product lines, the EC 120B."

The test aircraft is installed with the three screen configuration. Jeff Werblun, a law enforcement pilot from Sacramento , California piloted the EC 120B in all the required test flights. "I fly an EC 120B full time. This is the first time I’ve ever flown a glass panel, and I wish I had this EFIS installed in our helicopter," Werblun said. "I was not familiar with the Oregon airports or the terrain, and I was able to easily complete all the required maneuvers. All the information you need is on the screen. The terrain awareness and the traffic alerts enhance situational awareness and increase flight safety. I know it is a VFR system, but if you encountered inadvertent IMC, you could plot a safe course in with the Highway in the Sky."

The Chelton EFIS uses 3D graphic technology to translate the terrain ahead of and around the helicopter into a simple real-time visual picture. This helps the pilot "see" aircraft position in relation to the surroundings regardless of darkness or weather conditions. Each EFIS features primary flight instruments, GPS (Global Positioning System) with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System), moving map, terrain display, optional weather and traffic display, fuel totalizer, and easy push-button flight planning. The system also fulfills the FAA TAWS (Terrain Awareness Warning System) mandate for fixed wing turbine aircraft and is fully compatible with night vision goggle equipment.

Hillsboro Aviation Inc. is the exclusive Chelton Flight Systems dealer for helicopter systems on the west coast and an authorized partner for after-market installations in airplanes. Originally founded as Hillsboro Helicopters in 1980, Hillsboro Aviation maintains a fleet of 50 aircraft and employs over 120 people. Hillsboro Aviation is the exclusive Independent Bell Helicopter Representative for 16 western U.S. states.

Chelton Flight Systems, part of the Cobham Avionics and Surveillance Division, is the manufacturer of the world's first FAA-certified synthetic vision EFIS, which is now STCd on over 740 airplane and helicopter models. Chelton Flight Systems’ parent company is Cobham plc.

Cobham plc is an international company engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced aerospace and defence systems in the air, on land, at sea and in space. The company has five technology divisions and one service division which collectively specialise in the provision of components, sub-systems and services to keep people safe, improve communications and enhance the performance of platforms.