Daniel Webster College NBAA Raffle Winner

Stephanie Smith, 28, of Albany, OR, couldn't believe it when she received the message that she was the winner of Daniel Webster College's NBAA raffle for a free online MBA for Aviation Professionals.

Selected as a winner in the raffle during NBAA in October, Smith's interaction with Daniel Webster's personnel has been very positive. "No complaints," she laughed.

Would she have pursued a Daniel Webster MBA for Aviation Professionals even if she hadn't won the raffle? “It was very possible,” she said. “The more I learned about the program from the initial comment in the newsletter prior to NBAA, to the information and helpful conversations with DWC representatives at the NBAA booth, to the literature and Web site details I reviewed after the convention, the more I knew this program perfectly suited my goals and situation. I could see the program structure would allow for a balance of work and family life, while the cohort method of education would provide a unique and enlightening experience. These factors, the importance of continuing education in my life, and especially the focus on the aviation industry, made this program most desirable.”

“The interest in earning an MBA designed for those in aviation and delivered online was just huge,” said DWC Professor Gerald Fairbairn, director of the program, who helped manage both the crowds and the booth. “Many individuals in the industry seeking to further their career or skills are unable to take a traditional MBA program. Their work may involve travel and unavailability for regular classes. Our online program, especially with its aviation focus, is very attractive to those who are comfortable with the Internet and want to enhance their opportunities.”

Daniel Webster, one of the oldest names in professional aviation education, has combined its industry experience with the latest technology, making earning that next degree both convenient and “virtual.” The classroom goes where the student goes, as the two-year MBA Program, designed for Aviation Professionals, is offered entirely online, and adapts to the constantly-changing aviation professional’s work environment. The next class starts at the end of January 2007.

A three-semester, 13-course online curriculum allows students to participate in online presentations and chats with industry professionals and to utilize cutting-edge technology from Macromedia Breeze and Blackboard. Students learn from the best flight management and business professionals in the field and study alongside professionals like themselves, without an on-campus requirement.

The MBA for Aviation Professionals uses the successful “cohort” model, where students who start the program move through the entire curriculum together, resulting in a built-in support network. Many of the courses are identical to the campus-based MBA program, but designed for online learning and with a tilt towards aviation issues with the use of case studies, papers, and examples drawn from the aviation industry; four of the program’s 13 courses focus specifically on the unique issues of the aviation industry.

Additionally, the college is looking a developing a future certificate program that would include those four aviation courses.

Daniel Webster’s MBA for Aviation Professionals has been found to be ideal for a wide range of professionals: managers currently working in the aviation industry; pilots, mechanics or air traffic controllers who would like to move into management; members of the U.S. military preparing for a promotion or transitioning to the civilian workforce; and others with a bachelor’s degree from a regionally-accredited college or university and a minimum of three years of professional work experience.

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