AMT Is Now the Publication for AMT Society

If you have stared at the front cover of AMT magazine for any length of time (quite a cover I might add!) you may have noticed the statement just below our AMT logo that says "Official publication for AMTSociety."

This statement has major significance for aircraft maintenance professionals and for the aircraft maintenance community in general!

"Why?" you may ask. Because it signals the start of the movement of AMTSociety from a simple affinity group, to an organization that offers the aircraft maintenance community the services, support, and collaborative ventures they can use!

The move to link AMT magazine to AMTSociety just makes perfect sense. AMT magazine has always had the mission of educating and informing aircraft maintenance professionals. We have always focused on safety, tackled many maintenance related issues, exposed you to maintenance resources, and offered benefits beyond the pages of the magazine itself. These are similar to the goals of AMTSociety!

There is no reason that our 41,000 subscribers receive AMT magazine should not be a part of AMTSociety as well. With your help, we can reach this goal. We believe that with an organization at least 41,000 strong, we can wield the type of influence that we need in Washington while also influencing the aircraft industry in general!

There are many exciting and one of a kind benefits that we plan to deliver to each member. These already include:

Free online IA renewal
Free regional IA recurrent training opportunities
Free trade show attendance (Aviation Industry Expo and Aerospace Testing)
Monthly drawings for awards and prizes (you're entered in a $3,200 toolbox drawing if you sign up by Nov. 30th)
Free lifetime access to Aviation Skills tracking provided by Aviation Skills Matrix
And this is just the tip of the iceberg! There's much more to come such as chapter services, regional seminars, collaboration with other associations on various existing projects, corporate support and more. We are working hard to develop new opportunities that bring you value!

Remember, however, that the success of AMTSociety depends on you, the aircraft maintenance professional!

We need your help! We need you to join AMTSociety, and encourage your fellow maintenance professionals to join. AMTSociety is open to all maintenance professionals – certificated and non-certificated. So don’t just encourage your fellow A&P to join, but encourage the repairmen, maintenance assistants, avionics technicians, and anyone that wants to bring a stronger voice to the aircraft maintenance community while receiving some great benefits as well.

We're also making it easier than ever to give AMTSociety a try! We’ve set a trial membership rate at only $9.99 if you join by Dec. 31st. That's right - for just under $10.00 you can start receiving all the member benefits AMTSociety offers. (Note that the renewal next year will be $49.00. But we're confident that once you give AMTSociety a try, you will see the value in belonging to AMTSociety and renew your membership at our regular rate.)

We're looking forward to being the largest and most influential aircraft maintenance association in history. Join AMTSociety now and help us shape the future of aircraft maintenance. Click here to register! Use the "IMAPRO" discount code to get the special rate.

We look forward to serving you.


Greg Napert
Proud to be an A&P
Director, AMTSociety
Publisher, AMT magazine