United Rotorcraft Solutions Continues NVG Lighting Modifications for Air Medical

DECATUR, TX, JULY 7, 2010: Recently and over the past few years, United Rotorcraft Solutions (URS) has performed numerous Night Vision Lighting conversions fleet wide for multiple EMS operators.

Utilizing the FAA approved modifications developed and owned by URS and partner Ahlers Aerospace; these conversions have been performed in various locations throughout the U.S. for the convenience of the customer.

The URS/Ahlers modification was developed as state of the art, affordable solution that is supported in a timely manner and has little or no affect on the standard maintenance practices of the instrumentation. The modification consist of filters that are externally mounted reducing installation time and cost. The external filters allow the modified component to remain generic thus retaining the advantages of local repair and/or overhaul. The filter material used greatly improves day light readability.

URS has traveled to the aircraft locations for operators such as Air Methods and Omniflight to perform these NVG lighting modifications on their fleet. Once the kit is fabricated the conversion takes about 2 days, minimizing the helicopter down time. Conversions have been made on Bell 206’s and 407’s, Eurocopter AS350’s, BK117’s, EC130’s and EC135’s. URS have traveled as far as Australia to perform modifications for Australian Helicopters.

“We at United Rotorcraft Solutions believe the safety advantages of night vision are far too valuable not to have this available to any operator”, stated David Brigham, President of URS, “and the fact that we can perform these conversion in the field with little interruption to operations is an added advantage.”

United Rotorcraft Solutions, FAA Repair Station UX9R241Y, provides aircraft completions and refurbishment services, systems integration, maintenance, component overhaul, customized interior installations and unsurpassed exterior finishing. They also offer FAA approved NVG compatible lighting systems for many model helicopters.