Potential Buyer Takes a Look at Tacoma Narrows

An out-of-state company with experience in airport operations, is "willing to pay more" than the $4 million offered by Pierce County.

"It should be a showplace for them . . . and they haven't operated it that way," he said. "I don't know why the city didn't turn the airport over to the county."

Then Pickett answered his own thought.

"They got greedy," he said.

The county's Lee was a bit more understanding.

"I don't fault Eric Anderson for any of this," he said. "He's looking out for the best interests of the city as I'm looking out for the best interests of the county. The dollar speaks pretty loudly."

- - -

SIDEBAR (A12): Narrows Airport by the numbers

A study published in September in conjunction with Pierce County's interest in buying the Tacoma Narrows Airport gave these figures:


annual indirect benefits to area, in dollars

20 million

estimated value, in dollars


annual payroll, in dollars


acres of land


indirect jobs provided


jobs provided


City of Tacoma-owned buildings

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