Avidyne gets TSO Approval FOR Jeppesen's European VFR Charts

Lincoln, Mass. July 13, 2010 –Avidyne Corporation, a leading provider of integrated flight deck and safety systems for general aviation aircraft, and Jeppesen, the industry-leading provider of flight deck information and optimization solutions, announced today that they have received Technical Standard Order (TSO) approval of the Release 8.1 software upgrade for Avidyne’s Entegra EX5000 Multi-function displays (MFD). The Release 8.1 software upgrade adds the ability to display Jeppesen’s European VFR Terminal and Airport Charts (formerly known as Bottlang charts), as well as display enhancements for Color Lighting and Worldwide Datalink Weather.

Avidyne’s EX500 MFD (Software Release 4.1) and all new EX600 MFDs have already received TSO approvals to display Jeppesen’s European VFR Charts earlier this year. “Avidyne and Jeppesen recognize the situational awareness benefits of electronic charts in the cockpit,” said Thomas Wede, Jeppesen senior vice president and general manager, Aviation. “We are pleased to continue that relationship by offering our mutual customers in Europe access to electronic versions of these safety-enhancing piloting tools.”

“Jeppesen’s European VFR Charts package has already become a popular addition on our EX500 and EX600 MFDs, and now with Release 8.1 software, we are now able to offer this capability to the large number of Entegra-equipped Cirrus and Piper aircraft owners operating throughout Europe,” said Patrick Herguth, Avidyne’s Chief Operating Officer.

About Release 8.1

The field-loadable Release 8.1 MFD Upgrade includes the ability to display European VFR Charts, plus it also provides enhanced display of TWXCell Color Lighting when interfaced with TWX670. R8.1 also enables the display of additional Worldwide Datalink Weather products when interfaced with MLX770 including World-wide winds aloft, World-wide temps aloft, World-wide Infrared Satellite (Sat IR), World-wide Lightning. The Release 8.1 software is available free of charge to any customers who currently have Release 8.0 on their EX5000 MFD.

Jeppesen’s European VFR Charts package is the most comprehensive European VFR flight guide covering over 2200 airports in 29 European countries. Besides full-color Visual Approach, Area and Airport Charts, the charts package contains general and country-related text sections including Regulations, Communications, Meteorology, Aerodrome Directory and more for the planning and execution of flights within Europe under Visual Flight Rules. As with all CMax software, most European VFR Charts geo-referenced so that the ‘ownship’ symbol and flight plan position can be overlaid right on the chart display. Charts are easily updated via a 28 day cycle subscription through Jeppesen with multiple options for regional coverage.

Avidyne’s CMax™ Electronic Approach Chart software, including Jeppesen’s worldwide IFR and European VFR Terminal Charts, is now standard on all new EX500 and EX5000 Multi-Function Displays (MFDs). Avidyne will also enable current EX500 and EX5000 MFD customers to upgrade for a fraction of the previous cost for the CMax option.

For additional information:

Avidyne: 800.AVIDYNE (800.284.3963) or visit www.avidyne.com

Jeppesen: 800.621.5377 or visit www.jeppesen.com