REBTECH Announces Merger as Part of Growth Strategy

16 JUL 2010, Bedford, Texas – REBTECH has announced a merger with Aero Instruments based in Bedford, Texas. The company was purchased by REBTECH in 2002 to bring additional economic and quality controls as well as to ensure the ongoing safety of their products.

The merger with Aero Instruments provides a streamlined administrative process from the initiation of a project through the final customer support process for comprehensive after sale satisfaction. Reduced AOG response time is an ancillary benefit of the merger and will also mitigate aircraft downtime.

Company president, Richard Borkowski commented, “The merger of Aero Instruments with REBTECH made sense both to our company and customers. We ultimately ended up with synergies that benefit us all.”

Aero Instruments is an FAA approved repair station with Unlimited Type I through IV capabilities. Aero provides instrument repair, overhaul, conversion and inspection as well as research and development for night vision capabilities of instruments and avionics. Both REBTECH and Aero Instruments are based in Bedford, Texas.

About REBTECH: REBTECH, a division of REB Technologies is a global industry leader providing advanced military and civil night vision aircraft lighting systems. Based in Bedford, Texas, the company has extensive experience developing night vision lighting for cockpit, cabin and crew stations as well as night vision systems for external airframe applications. REB Technologies has several FAA approved supplemental type certificates (STC) and has performed lighting modifications and installations for military and civil customers in over 8 different countries. Aero Instruments, a division of REB Technologies provides FAA approved instrument repair, overhaul and modification in addition support of developmental requirements for REBTECH and their customers. REBTECH offers additional design, engineering and developmental services for military or civil aircraft applications upon customer request.